Founded in 1999, Protec Fuel supplies alternative fuels to distributors across the nation. Protec fuel is an active partner in Clean Cities’ I-75 Green Corridor Project, bringing alternative fuels to the mid-Atlantic and Southeast.

By partnering with Protec Fuel, Mountain Express Oil and Mountain Express Ethanol look to help our dealers tap the growing market in alternative fuel sales. We are especially excited to introduce blended ethanol products, which expands the ethanol market beyond E85’s use in flex fuel vehicles. Certain ethanol products can be used in any traditional gasoline engine for model years 2001 and newer. We are actively expanding our business to reach new dealers eager to share in this growth initiative.

Mountain Express Ethanol is fully committed to the success of E85 + blended ethanol products, which we will market under the store brand ‘American Renewables Market & Fuel.’ Our comprehensive, innovative marketing campaign learns from the lessons of previous retail ethanol product rollouts which failed to adequately reach the consumer. Our marketing campaign focuses on four goals: selling the benefits of ethanol as a cost effective, green, American fuel; overcoming common misconceptions about ethanol; educating the consumer in the proper use of ethanol; and finally making the marketing and availability at the pump to the consumer as easy and simple as all other motor fuels.

Beyond traditional advertising media, Mountain Express Ethanol will utilize video pump top advertising directly at the point of sale, providing our dealers with the single most effective form of advertising, which will smooth product rollout and drive more sales.

Mountain Express Oil Company has created the American Renewables Market and Gas trademark to brand its store and create a market offering that promotes renewable products including gasoline, antifreeze, windshield solvent and in-store merchandise. American Renewables Market and Gas will not only be reserved for Mountain Express Oil Company controlled stores, it will also be available for third party owners who understand the value of offering renewable products for today’s green conscious consumer.